Gamecase Design

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Why Gamecase Design.

Always on the road and still want to game in the free hours. Something we have run into for a long time. Whether it's a LAN Party, or just want to take your game console with you on vacation, it can  be quite a hassle.​

With our military background we have  been on the road quite a lot and we did not always hade a TV or something like that available. Of course you also want your expensive console to remain intact. So there had to be something robust.

​ We experienced that there where  a few gamers, who were looking for a sturdy box that would hold everything.

The cases that are on the market today, have very nice inlays and are very nice for the eye. But they all forget the heat production of all the consoles.

And they are very, very expensive.​

In short, we want to offer a solid product for gamers who have a little less to spend and still go for high quality.​

Of course it is always possible to get a high end case,  then just contact us.