How it started.

So we started with a PS4 in a shopping bag to work.

It did not take long before a cable and contoller got damaged and didn't work properly anymore.

I needed an solution for this problem.

A colleague mentioned that he saw a picture of a monitor and game console in a suitcase.


Time to investigate this and go to work.

First problem was the size of my monitor, I needed a large suitcase to fit it in.

So I came across a vintage travel suitcase and the size was perfect.

But is was not very sollide, so I had te reinforce the case.

Ordered some other parts and I'm using the case for over a year now.


Most important, I realized that this was a thing and maybe I could do something with this.

Hard to combine when you are still in active duty, but we have to make this work, so we will make it work.