Why we do it different!

Our own experience and that of our game friends and colleagues, made Gamecase Design.


Why don't we use a nice inlay?


Newer games will ask the highest of preformance from our consoles. For example, my PS4 reaches very high temperatures when playing COD, RDR2 of other high end games. This wil not be different with other consoles.

Even the PS5 or the XBOX serie X will produce more heat in the future, because games will get better, faster, higher quality, etc. And then they will produce more heat.

That's the reason we don't use inlays.

Even our gamemonitor produces heat when gaming.

It's all for the surviving of our console, so we had to improvice.


Why we use existing cases?


Because the company of the cases know there craft. We where looking for a robust case, against water, dust, sand etc.

Pretty soon it was clear that, if we would make the cases ourselves, the cost would go sky high and that was something we didn't want.

With minimal adjustments, we could offer a serious gamecase, in different price ranges.


Still, it is possible to get us costum case! If you have a idea, let us know and we can see what we can do!